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Introducing the new way to schedule and manage training courses is a new cloud based tool to make training course scheduling as easy as pie.

Our sole aim is to make your life easier by taking the repetitive and boring tasks away and automating them so you can do the stuff that's important and that needs the human touch.

Using our software you will

  • Reduce mistakes
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Never forget to send another email through built in scheduling
  • Be alerted to scheduling clashes
  • Automatically book resources and rooms when scheduling a course
  • Report on utilisation by resource, customer or instructor/trainer.
  • Collect feedback through online forms and automatically have reports generated by course, instructor or customer
  • Full Net Promoter Score (NPS) analysis

We are currently in the final stages of planning the features that will go in to the first release of will be affordable for any size organisation,  our pricing policy is 'pay as you go'.  No more paying for capacity that you don't use just pay per administrator and per delegate booking (bulk pricing available).

Plan your budget so you know exactly what your costs are for each month.  There's no need to limit access to your delegates, they get lifetime access to their portal at no extra cost to you once they have booked.

We'd love to hear from you if you currently use another tool, tell us what you love about it but more importantly tell us what you don't like about it.

You never know, your wish list may make it in to the first release of

We want to be the tool that works for you how you want to work.

Thank you

The Team at